Self Portrait

With my new camera, I went outside yesterday afternoon to take photographs during the “magic hour” or what I thought was the magic hour.  I couldn’t get my daughter to pose for me so I brought my tri-pod with me and setup.  I was the subject.  I used manual mode all the way and tried to adjust the settings but I think the white balance was off some because it seemed a bit washed out.  Perhaps I should have chosen a different shirt?

After I took a gazillion photos, I picked one of them and used an online tool to get rid of some smeared makeup, smoothed out my under eye darkness/wrinkles, I brightened my hair some then softened it.  My eyes are blue but I made them a little more blue then made it transparent so it wasn’t so obvious if you blew up the picture.  I added color to my lips which is obvious when you blow up the picture and I took a blemish off of my nose (I scratched it when putting on my makeup).  There were some other things done to the picture to brighten the green and darken the tree and my arm.  As mentioned, there wasn’t much on the auto correction done but to me it seemed washed out so I did some things to enhance it.  Anyway, it’s not completely untouched but it is the closest I could do.  Now here at the bottom is the comparison of the un-touched photo to the edited one.  Below that image is another picture where the was less editing but I thought the lighting was better on it from the start.  Hope you like it!

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