I went to the Cockerell Butterfly Museum in Houston, TX to practice my photography.  This isn’t as clear as I’d like but I thought I’d share this one.  I’m learning about the different creative modes and aperture is what I was trying to work with.  I found that in a lot of them, the wings were clear but the body was blurry.  I know that had to do with my focal point but I’d like to get better at determining if I’m focused on the right point or not.

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2 thoughts on “Butterflies!

  1. that’s a great photo and pretty sharp, too. the cockrell museum is wonderful – haven’t been there in several years.

    depending upon what camera you have, you may be able to change how your camera auto-focuses (on my D90, i can change from “single-point”, “dynamic area”, “auto area” and “3D tracking”). i use single point mostly, then switch to manual focus to lock it in while i compose the photo how i want it.

    also, the aperture setting will change the area of focus. lower f-stops will decrease the field of view while higher f-stops will increase the field of view.

  2. Thanks EternalForms! I knew the aperture settings but now I realize that even close up how keeping it at it’s lowest f-stop for up close may not be the right thing to do if I want the entire insect to be clear! It’s hard for me when they look great on the display but when I look at it on the computer, I see the flaws. Also, thanks for the information on the 3D tracking and focal points. I have a Canon t1i. I’ll look to see what options I have there. I did a model photo shoot last weekend and found myself changing my focal point on nearly every shoot. I know the pros don’t do that!

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