Updates From My Photo Shoot on Saturday

So, I had a good time on my photo shoot.  We were on 1,000 acres of private land with models and photographers.  I have other photos to post but I’m waiting for release forms.  😦  You can also see my pictures on my Facebook Photography page.  The link is in the top right hand of your screen.  It was wonderful to finally get away from work, get to the country and get to shooting.  I like editing photos but they take up time that I don’t have a lot of.  I’ll just have to post as I do them.  Surprisingly, on the piece of land I shot, there weren’t many bluebonnets so I just found on and took a picture of it.  Next year, I’ll be one of those that stops and takes pictures in the field of bluebonnets.  I hope you like the pictures I have here!



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2 thoughts on “Updates From My Photo Shoot on Saturday

  1. Perhaps editing photos take up so much time cause there’s so much fun in it you just cant be contented

  2. nicole

    great photos!! my only advice is the 4th photo you took too much time on the eyes with sharpening and the rest of the photo looks somewhat flat. but I like the dreamy effect. Also the the 5th photo with the little girl is very cute but her eyeliner looks off, that’s the first thing I noticed anyways. maybe go back and use the burn tool to even it out. but really beautiful portraits! I wish you the best of success 🙂

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