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I'm an ordinary Gayle. I'm a wife and mother. I have two lovely teenagers that I would do anything for. I have been married over 20 years and plan to be with my husband until I die.

Juice Fast Days 8 thru 11!

I can’t believe I’m on day 11 already.  This is easier than I thought.  I’ll recap what I’ve done.

Thursday (day 8) I had no weight loss.

Friday (day 9) I woke up with only .4 lbs weight loss.

Saturday (day 10) I woke up with 2 lbs weight loss.  Woo hoo!  Great birthday gift!

Sunday (day 11) I woke up with no weight loss.

On the 10th day, it was my birthday I juiced all day and had a tiny slice of cake for my birthday.

Today I really messed up.  I got a hangerin for some food today.  I had my first juice today pretty late in the morning.  Really, it was about noon.  Around 2pm I wanted to eat something so I ate the following… 1/2 cup spanish rice, 1 small tortilla, 1 granola bar and a small piece of cake.  Boy oh boy did I mess up!  Anyway, I was wanting more then realized I only had that one juice for the day so I juiced half a pineapple and one beet.  It was yummy.  You know, sometimes we fall off the wagon.  That’s ok to me as long as we get back on.  I’d rather eat here and there than do too much and not get back on track. 

I like how my weight loss is progressing and I can’t wait to fit back into some old clothes.  I’ll continue to keep you posted of course.  I am amazed how I can juice without starving.  It seems second nature.  I don’t really feel extra energized, my skin isn’t “glowing”, my body hadn’t detoxified, but I know the juicing can’t be bad for me.  The side effect of losing weight is definitely the upside!

Juice on!


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Another Year Gone By!

Happy birthday to me!  My birthday was yesterday.  The last year was the busiest year of my life.  I travel a lot, work a lot and I haven’t had much time for myself.  I find it interesting how every year my life never seems to be the same lately.  Before I turned 40, I remember turning off my alarm clock every morning during the week and saying to myself “Groundhog Day”.  I felt like my life was so routine and boring.  I think because of that, God maybe changed things up for me a bit! 

Be careful what you wish for and what you complain about.  Be grateful for what you do every day and thank God that you’re alive!

I had a great birthday celebration.  I mowed the lawn in the morning.  It was overdue.  I know people want to know why I mowed the lawn no my birthday but I wanted it to look really nice so I could feel happy and refreshed on my birthday.  My daughter and I then got cleaned up, went shopping and browsing.  I have no work on my mind so it was very peaceful for me.

We went to pickup P90X.  She wants to do this and I might do it with her.  I’m a traveler so it might be hard but if I do it, you know I’ll blog about it!

We went home around 6:30pm and my other daughter came over with her boyfriend and my friend came over with her daughter.  We ate dinner.  I juiced (had desert) for dinner.  We played charades until almost midnight.  Lots of fun.  I’m so grateful for what I have and the family and friends in my life. 

So now on to the next year of my life.  All I have to say is… NEXT!!!

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Juice Fast Days 5 thru 7!

I can’t believe I’ve gone this far already. There was no weight loss shown on the scale from days 5 & 6 but today I showed 2.4 pounds lost on the scale since day 4.  As of today I’ve lost 8.4 pounds. 

My hunger is pretty much gone and honestly, I need to drink more but I find that I’ve learned to listen to my stomach if it’s not growling or uneasy I don’t drink.  I have taken a few bites of soup a night or two but it’s by no means an entire bowl and I’m not binging.  I’m giving myself the satisfaction of food occasionally so I don’t cave but 99% of my daily intake is from natural juices.

Today I’m traveling for work.  I do that a lot but this is the first time since I started my fast.  I plan to drink juices I can purchase at the airports like Naked Juice and another brand called Odwalla.  I think this is the next best thing to juicing natural fruits and vegetables as I can get when on the road.  The juices they sell is mostly fruit.  It’s hard to find one with just veggies which is what I prefer.  Too much fruit juice can be a bad thing.  I’m worried it will cause cravings and weight gain.

I’m sure I’ll be fine as I’m completely shocked about the lack of hunger I have been experiencing.

My main issue that I struggle with now and still, is the lack of energy.  I feel just as normal as I did before but when I have to exert myself in any way such as climb a flight of stairs or walk more than 300 feet, my muscles feel extremely fatigued and I get out of breath easily.  Not in a way I feel like I’ll collapse but I can’t help but wonder what’s going on with my muscles.  Anyone out there have the same issue that I’m having?

Thanks for your support!  I’ll keep on posting!

Juice on!

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Juice Fast Days 3 & 4

I didn’t get to update yesterday as I was pretty busy.  I suspect that will happen from time to time.  I’m in the middle of day 4 of my juice fast.

On day 3, I drank my juices but also had a “Naked Juice” with extra protein in it.  At night, I had my family over for a wonderful dinner I prepared.  I made sure I had a large salad with mixed greens, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  I added balsamic vinegar on top.  From day 2 to day 3, I lost 1 pound.

On day 4 (today) I have to prepare a juice soon. I had another “Naked Juice” this morning.  I drank about half of it then later, I added about 7g of protein from soy powder to it to increase the protein some.  It was good and surprisingly not gritty.  It’s the EAS brand. That vs. Wal-Mart brand for example proves you get what you pay for.  Anyway, I plan to only drink the prepared juices sold at the stores when I travel or when I know I don’t have time to juice anything.  My primary juice will come from what I do myself.  I just don’t want to end up starving, not have time to juice and put a Little Debbie snack in my mouth!  LOL.

An update about how I feel.  I noticed yesterday when I went up the stairs I felt extra fatigued and out of breath.  I think part of that is I’m not getting in enough calories and protein.  I do feel a lot better when the jeans I was wearing were snug but now are just right.  It’s amazing what a difference 5 pounds makes.

Time to go make something as I’m getting to the point of hunger!  Happy Easter everyone!

He has risen!

Juice on!

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Juice Fast Day 2

I’m on my second day of my juice fast.  I posted my day 1 yesterday about this time.  I weighed this morning and have lost 2.4 pounds on my first day.  I know much of it was water weight.  I will likely weigh daily just to keep motivated until this is a habit but I understand it will fluctuate.

I was very hungry through most of the day yesterday.  I should be drinking more juice to stay full but it’s a lot of work to clean the juicer every time I use it.  I can’t just leave it because you want to get the food/pulp out of it before it dries or you’re likely to never get it off.

Anyway, I’ve had only one juice so far, and yes I’m starving.  I don’t feel like I’ve lost or gained any energy.  I’ve read that around day 3 people start feeling down and sluggish.  I hope to be skip that part.  I’m about to go juice something for lunch.

Of course I’ll keep posting with my progress.  Thanks for reading this!  By the way… my drink this morning was brown.  😦  It tasted great but looked horrible.  I just chose not to look at it!  LOL

Juice on!

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Juice Fast Day 1

How many times have you seen someone post they are on day one of anything like diet, exercise, fast, etc. ?  Google it or look on YouTube and you’ll see tons of them!  Only problem is, after day one, there’s rarely updates after that.  It’s hard to get over a hurdle of any addiction.  I live in America.  These days it’s the norm to be fat than thin.  Not that we want to be fat but we just are.  My reason?  I love food!  I’d have to say I’m addicted and have absolutely no self-control.

I am going to be one of those people who post “Day 1” of my juice fast but I hope to God that I make it past that!  I don’t really know how long I want to do it but I do know that I want to lose weight.  This is healthy because it’s nothing but fruits and vegetables that I rarely ever see on my plate these days.  It does have a rapid weight loss and some people may say that’s not safe.  At this point, I don’t care.  I need results fast but more than that, I need the motivation to stick with it.  I have a friend who has agreed to do it with me so I have someone who will hold me accountable.

Here’s a picture of my juice today.  It’s not the best quality picture but it gives you an idea of what I’m including in my juice.

I’ve had two drinks so far today and it’s 12:30pm.  So far, I’m doing good.  It will be tough when I have to cook for the family but I’ll try to stay strong!  Any words of encouragement from everyone would be appreciated!  I’ll keep everyone posted on my update and if it looks like I just can’t do it, I’ll let you know so you won’t wonder what ever happened to the fast, like I do with the other gazillion bloggers who have “Day 1”.  Perhaps if I was Freshly Pressed, I’d have to finish!  I just don’t want to be another statistic.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Updates From My Photo Shoot on Saturday

So, I had a good time on my photo shoot.  We were on 1,000 acres of private land with models and photographers.  I have other photos to post but I’m waiting for release forms.  😦  You can also see my pictures on my Facebook Photography page.  The link is in the top right hand of your screen.  It was wonderful to finally get away from work, get to the country and get to shooting.  I like editing photos but they take up time that I don’t have a lot of.  I’ll just have to post as I do them.  Surprisingly, on the piece of land I shot, there weren’t many bluebonnets so I just found on and took a picture of it.  Next year, I’ll be one of those that stops and takes pictures in the field of bluebonnets.  I hope you like the pictures I have here!



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All Work & No Play Makes Gayle Cranky!

Oh boy have I been busy! My job keeps me on the road a lot and busy nights and weekends. I’ve been away from home about 75% of March. It looks like I’ll be home for a couple of weeks which is awesome!

As a result, I’ve been deprived of my photography. I happen to have a photo shoot planned for tomorrow so I can’t wait to get out there and shoot! It is in the hill country with blue bonnets and beautiful models! I’m so excited! I will post a few pictures after I get back. Wish me luck! Stay posted for updates. I’ll put them on my Facebook photography page too. You can click the link on the top right corner for liking that page if you want to get updates.

Updates coming within a week I promise! Woo hoooooo!

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February 2012 Update

Well, there’s one month down in 2012 and I haven’t absorbed myself in photography like I’ve wanted to.  😦  The work I do that pays my bills requires a lot of travel so I tend to put photography on the back burner.  I did get an opportunity to hook up with a photography meetup group and took some pictures of models.  I haven’t done that in a year and it felt good to get at it again.  I’ve posted only 3 pictures from that so far on my Facebook  page.  You can click on the link to see them if you want!  Don’t forget to click the “Like” button on the right of this screen if you like it!

Couponing has gone well also but haven’t done much with it in the last few weeks because of work.  I have managed to combine sales with coupons and get a lot of stuff free.  I was happy because church members needed household items for refugees they were helping.  I was happy to give the extra away!

That’s it for now!  Will post again when I have something exciting in my life to share!

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Happy New Year! 2012 here I come!

Well, I haven’t posted in a while so this blog is to just mention what I’ve been up to as well as some plans I have for 2012 (not resolutions).  I have some resolutions in mind but not willing to really post them because like most, the ability to complete them is non-existent. I would like to do more blogging!

It’s been a little over a year now that I’ve got my DSLR and starting absorbing as much as possible for photography. I’m always learning new things. I plan on attending more photography group meetings. currently I’m not charging for photography but I did get my DBA setup and business cards ordered. I haven’t planned to charge. I just like doing it as a hobby. Also, I’ve started taking portraits more than landscape just to perfect my editing skills which are constantly changing. I can look one month to the next and see how much I’ve improved. If you’re interested in seeing my work, you can click my Facebook “Like” link on the right of my blog and take a look.

I’ve also gotten into couponing thanks to the Extreme Couponing show.  I can’t get near as extreme as they could but I am saving some money!

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My New Camera Lens!

I am super excited. I was going to purchase my first (non-kit) lens and was saving up for it. I wanted a 70-200mm f/2.8. I preferred to have one with image stabilization. The Sigma brand is cheaper than Canon and for a non-professional, the quality isn’t that different. I decided to get one without IS which I could find for around $750. I was saving for this and while searching on Craigslist, I found someone who was selling their used one for $550. I had that amount already saved up so I got it! Yippee!

So I immediately came home to try it out. I’m very excited to zoom in. I live in the country & I always see hawks and birds that my kit lens never got a good close up of. This worked great. Although I used a high shutter speed, the baby hawks in a nest still came out blurry. I then used a tripod which helped but it wasn’t as clear as I hoped for.

The jury is still out on wether or not I’ll regret the purchase & wished I had purchased the one with IS. We shall see. Tonight I plan to attempt to shoot the moon & stars.

If you want to see the picture of the adult hawk feeding the baby hawks, you can see it on my Facebook photography page. It’s amazing I found this.

FB page is Gayle Raines Photography.

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No motivation to work… So here’s a picture instead!

I was supposed to work today but I couldn’t get motivated.  I didn’t have any scheduled appointments so I was technically free to do what I wanted.  I sat around and caught up on TV shows until about 11am.  I ate lunch then decided to do some cleaning that had gone by the wayside since I had been spending a lot of my personal time working for my current job.  I swept, mopped and waxed the entire floor.  I’m dead tired  but the floors are nice and clean.  I need to do some cleaning of the countertops and such but will have to save that for another day.  Work is going to be picking up tomorrow and for the rest of the week.  Anyway, will blog again soon.  For some entertainment, attached is a photograph I took at a park of a young boy.  I thought it was nice and wanted to share it with anyone who’s watching.  I have a Facebook page if you want to see others, you can “Like” it for updates.  It’s under Gayle Raines Photography.

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More Pictures!

I updated a few pictures that I finally got around to editing.  Above is one I took of my grass.  See the little insect in the blade on the far right?  Anyway, I uploaded a few more to my Facebook page if you want to see them.  Go to this link and click like, you’ll get updates as they are posted.  I’d love to have your feedback.  I briefly experienced with night photography which you can see there also.  I know for a fact, I will improve on those.

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Catch Up

Hello everyone!  I have been so busy with work and haven’t had time to blog.  I love to take pictures with my SLR camera but haven’t had time to stop and snap a picture.  I hope to see some free time in the near future.  I will post more pictures soon also.

I did start a facebook page for my newest photography.  There isn’t a lot there right now but if you go to this link and click like, you’ll get updates as they are posted.  I hope to do more with that soon also.

With my job I’m doing a lot of traveling and there’s a lot of great pictures to take but I don’t take my camera because I’m too busy to stop and snap.

Anyway, stay tuned and I’ll update more often I promise.  (I’m assuming anyone out there is even reading this!)

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Jumping For Joy!

I thought I’d play with my shutter speed and increase it so that when my daughter jumped in the air, it wouldn’t be blurred.  I think I was successful.  She was reluctant to jump for the camera but I think she looks cute and happy.  This picture of her makes me smile!

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My Valentine Rose

I’ve been absent for a while.  I don’t have a lot of followers.  Actually maybe only one but either way, I like that others can see my posts if they want to!  I took a picture of one of my roses that was given to me by my husband.  I hope you like it!

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I went to the Cockerell Butterfly Museum in Houston, TX to practice my photography.  This isn’t as clear as I’d like but I thought I’d share this one.  I’m learning about the different creative modes and aperture is what I was trying to work with.  I found that in a lot of them, the wings were clear but the body was blurry.  I know that had to do with my focal point but I’d like to get better at determining if I’m focused on the right point or not.

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My Cat & a Duck

I took two pictures recently that I wanted to show.  I’m still experiencing with my new camera.  Here is my cat Chloe.

And here is a duck I saw at a local park.

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Day 3 – Helicopter Photo

This is my day 3 photo of my 365 day journal.  I have a little remote control helicopter.  I had my daughter fly it so I could take a shot of it.  The device is new so we had a hard time keeping it in the air.  We have to learn to pilot it first I guess.  I did manage to get some shots of it and found this is probably the best one.  I also took this one below of my cat but it’s not considered my photo of the day.

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Day 2 Photo at Park

I started a photo log for 1 year.  I plan to do this every day for the next year.  This is day 2.  I was at a park taking pictures and this ended up being my best shot.  I went to the park just to take photographs but the waterfalls were shut down and all the flowers were gone as it’s winter now.  Anyway, this is all I got!

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Self Portrait

With my new camera, I went outside yesterday afternoon to take photographs during the “magic hour” or what I thought was the magic hour.  I couldn’t get my daughter to pose for me so I brought my tri-pod with me and setup.  I was the subject.  I used manual mode all the way and tried to adjust the settings but I think the white balance was off some because it seemed a bit washed out.  Perhaps I should have chosen a different shirt?

After I took a gazillion photos, I picked one of them and used an online tool to get rid of some smeared makeup, smoothed out my under eye darkness/wrinkles, I brightened my hair some then softened it.  My eyes are blue but I made them a little more blue then made it transparent so it wasn’t so obvious if you blew up the picture.  I added color to my lips which is obvious when you blow up the picture and I took a blemish off of my nose (I scratched it when putting on my makeup).  There were some other things done to the picture to brighten the green and darken the tree and my arm.  As mentioned, there wasn’t much on the auto correction done but to me it seemed washed out so I did some things to enhance it.  Anyway, it’s not completely untouched but it is the closest I could do.  Now here at the bottom is the comparison of the un-touched photo to the edited one.  Below that image is another picture where the was less editing but I thought the lighting was better on it from the start.  Hope you like it!

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My Raindrop Photo

For Christmas, I was given a Canon Rebel T1i DSLR.  It takes great pictures of course!  There are so many automatic modes that if I were to use those only then I end up with a very expensive point and click camera.  I’m learning the creative modes on adjusting the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, etc. 

It was pouring rain the other day so I thought it would be an opportunity for me to test the movement of water and how I can make it silky but also how I can capture the clarity of the rain as it dropped in the puddle of water that was made by the rain.  After a lot of shots, I only found one that I thought was good enough.  This wasn’t filmed in a studio so you can see the water itself has brown grass underneath.  Anyway, I just wanted to post this on my blog as I am well pleased with it!

I’ll appreciate any feedback/suggestions on the photo.  I can take constructive criticism well.  Also, if you want to comment with some photography tips, I welcome those too!

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My First Crochet Hat

I did a tutorial online using a youtube video.  I have a little bit of crochet knowledge which helped but the tutorial online was very easy to follow.  I completed this in one day.  I really like it but I wear glasses so the brim of the hat pushes down on them.  I believe I will un-do a couple of rounds then add the brim back to it.  That should fix the problem.

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Ice Skating!


I took my youngest daughter ice skating today.  We met my sisters and step brother there.  This was my daughters first time ice skating and she did wonderful.  The weather was perfect.  They had an ice rink built down town Houston.  It cost $10 for 1 1/2 hours to skate.  That included the rentals.  I was worried about parking because it’s always a mess downtown.  I found a meter that was $.50 per hour.  Since I knew we would only skate for 1.5 hours I paid $1.00.  That was overall a pretty expensive trip!  I didn’t skate because I’m always twisting my ankle when I walk so I know I would be stupid to get on blades although it did look like it would be fun!

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Photo Editing Experience… Good or Bad?

I’m dabbling with a photo editor to enhance pictures.  They can be of people or things but I find it’s fun to manipulate them.  They have a sense of reality but an obvious editing to them.  I’d love your input.  If you have a photo you’d like me to play with for you, let me know.  I’d like to try changing it up a bit.  The before and after shots of people are obvious, but meant to be that way.  Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy it!


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My Cab Ride in San Antonio, TX

Rushes Awesome Cab Ride

Rushes Awesome Cab Ride

I came here on business for a financial conference.  Outside of the great job we did, we experienced great restaurants and as much as I travel, I had the BEST cab ride experience.  When we were picked up from the airport, we get in  a cab headed for the hotel.  The driver was very nice.  He had the glow in the dark stars and moons taped to the headliner of his car.  Then he asked what kind of music we wanted to hear.  He pumped it up and moved to the music.  Then we see multi colored laser lights on the ceiling.  He pulls out a disco ball that refracts the sunlight.  Unfortunately for us, the drive was during the day so the effect wasn’t as cool as it could have been at night.  He also activated his strobe light that was bolted to the seat.  This man (named Rush) was full of energy, kindness and had a desire to satisfy his customers.  He wore lime green sunglasses and shoes and camo pants. 

He drives a yellow cab so any time you have to go to San Antonio to get a cab, ask for Rush.  If you want his phone number, send me a message and I’ll be happy to give it to you.

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New Mexico Update

Well, I’ve had a great week visiting my mother.  I sewed 2 skirts for my daughter for the first time.  I’ll post pictures when I get home.  I also got to see her cat catch socks instead of mice.  I have a video of it.  If I can, I’ll post it.  I also got to meet a lady my age and heer daughter.  They are great people. I wish let live close to me.  Will write more later.

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My Cats Favorite TV Show!

Chloe loves Grey’s anatomy as much as I do!


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My Weekend

I had a great weekend.  I should have cleaned the house but chose not to.  I should have mowed my 3 acres but didn’t.  I did however get my dog to the groomers and do my weekly grocery shopping all before 10am Saturday! 

I’m learning to sew and started with a skirt for my daughter.  It’s not as easy as it was explained to me.  I have a lot of learning to do!  I think it will be cute if I can get it to fit her.  It’s amazing how the clothing patterns are not correct.  I measured her waist and according to the pattern, I should cut the waist to a size 16.  I fit it around her waist before sewing and it is WAY too big.  Somehow I already knew that.  It looks like I should have cut it to be a size 12.  As if sewing isn’t difficult enough!

I’ll post a picture when I’m done.  Maybe as I go also! 

I need some time to get ready.  I’m heading to New Mexico Saturday for a week to visit my mom for her birthday.  It’s a surprise so she’s completely unaware.  I think she’ll be very happy to see me.  As a result, she won’t be picking me up from the El Paso airport so I need to secure a shuttle to take me in to town.  I hate having things to do.  😦

That’s all I have to write today.  Blog at ya soon!

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Procastination Is Not My Middle Name, It’s My First Name!

I’ve always called myself a procrastinator.  I do joke how it’s my middle name but I’m begging to think it’s my first name!  I started reading blogs and helpful websites about procrastinators, why they procrastinate and how they can train themselves not to do it anymore.  After going through a few sites, I felt like all of the writers knew me better than my own family.  I was more interested in it lately as I’ve been struggling with it more now than ever before.

I have been working for a company out of my home for a little over 2 years now.  The first year and a half, I was disciplined.  Since April, that seems to have gone down hill.  Originally I was a consultant and billed hours to our client.  I had to bill a certain number of hours each day so there was pressure to work and my work could be measured in that way.  Because of this, I did well.  Now I’m a pre-sales consultant.  I demonstrate our product to prospective clients.  There is no measurement in my job.  My responsibility is to be available for the demonstrations and what I do with my non-demo times is up to me.  I should use it to enhance my demonstration, improve my technique and learn more about the system.  I really don’t know everything there is to know about it and that is apparent when I’m asked “Can it do this…?”

In my reading on procrastination, it says that everyone says they procrastinate in some way but a true procrastinator is someone who puts off work mainly because they have a fear of failure.  Putting it off until the last-minute gives themselves the excuse that the task wasn’t executed well because they didn’t prepare enough for it.  Also, a procrastinator does other things like play games (Farm Town on Facebook is my favorite) but all the while they aren’t really having fun because they are always feeling anxiety about what they need to be doing instead of playing.  This describes me perfectly!

All this to say, I am who I am but apparently procrastination is a learned behavior that can be un-learned.  I am making an effort to change this because my stress at times prior to an important demonstration feels like enough to kill me.  One of the articles I read talked about a product called RealTime.  There is a free Lite version.  It tracks everything you do on your computer all day as you define in the setup.  This way it will encourage   me to be more productive because I know it’s tracking my moves.  I don’t have to submit the results to anyone but it is certainly an eye opener.  Much like a dieter that has to write down what they eat before they realize what they are doing isn’t working.  You can also voluntarily block specific websites for certain times or periods.  I’ll try this soon with my social networks as that is a major distraction and possibly WordPress.  I love WordPress but I’m nearly addicted to it! 

Wish me luck!

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