A Tribute To My Traveling Bear

I used to have a baby blue Traveling Bear.  When my daughter was in elementary school, she presented this baby blue bear as her Traveling Bear.  During their vacation break, they were instructed to take a bear with them on their travels and journal about it.  I thought that was a great idea.  After her project ended, I decided to make it a true Traveling Bear. 

I travel a lot with my work so as a result; I started packing the bear with me every time I went out-of-town.  It was very light weight and easy to compress.  Every time I would get to the hotel, I would set it on the bed and take its picture.  These were memories for my daughter. 

One trip, something devastating happened.  I slept with the Traveling Bear one of the nights and when I left the next day, I didn’t realize until I got home, that I accidentally left it wrapped in the covers of my bed in the hotel room.  I called the hotel but they claim to not know anything of it. 

I miss you Traveling Bear.  I believe the tradition should carry on and a new bear must be selected.  You will be in our hearts forever!

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My Eiffel Tower Photo

I just commented on someone’s photo.  It inspired me to post one of my personal favorites.  I took this picture when I was in Paris a couple of years ago.  I get a lot of compliments on it.  I hope you like it too!

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90210 Keeps Getting Better!

I can’t believe I’m participating in the garbage that 90210 puts out.  I try to tell myself that it’s there to make people aware of issues in the real world therefore it’s ok to watch. 

So the story line for Teddy continues that he had gay sex with another male student.  He’s upset about it and anti-gay.  I’m not certain where this is going.  Perhaps he’s going to struggle with his inner-self.  Maybe this teen is only gay when he’s drunk.  We all know he shouldn’t be drinking alcohol anyway.  We’ll see how this goes.

New information… Dixon’s girlfriend announced that she’s ready to have sex with Dixon.  She is currently a virgin.  His ex-girlfriend has appeared back in the scene telling him that she needs to talk to him.  He was on his about to leave the school to go to his girlfriends and consummate their relationship when his ex-girlfriend appeared again.  She demanded his time.  She told him that she’s HIV positive.  *Shocker* 

That’s enough update for now.

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My Weekend of Family Visitors!

 I enjoy having family visit.  It’s so much fun to take a break from the day-to-day activities that can be boring and monotonous.  I smile occasionally but when people visit, I always smile more.  I’m pondering…   People in environments such as these tend to be different from their behaviour in the real world.   I see it often that people appear happier, sociable and friendly when they are with others but when they are home with the same people they see every day, they can be boring, sad, disrespectful or sometimes appear non-existent.  Shouldn’t we treat those that love us the most the way we treat strangers or occasional guests?  I can say this because I’m guilty of it and see it of others.  So, just admit that you do it also! 

This was not the intention of my blog today but thought it was worth mentioning.  I had a great time with everyone this weekend.  My mother and her husband came over from New Mexico to visit.  She’s turning 70 this month so I gathered my siblings and their families to throw a surprise birthday party.  She was definitely surprised!

When she visits, she usually stays at my home.  We have everyone come over rather than her travel everywhere.  Afterall, she did come a long distance.  (she drove)  They got here Friday.  My sister came over that afternoon with her daughter and my other sister and they stayed the night.

We decorated the kitchen and my daughter made her a birthday cake.  We had fun. 

Saturday, my step sister came over with her boys and stayed the night.  My daughter also stayed the night.  She lives on college campus.

He had no idea there was really a Grey Poupon!  Yes that’s me next to my nephew.  Can you believe he’s that tall?  I was having a good time.

As a present, we all brought pictures from our families and compiled a scrapbook. Everyone participated.

Everyone but my parents left Sunday afternoon.

This morning, my parents left to go home.  Now, all is quiet again.

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Is my knee bruised or is it my pride?

Hey everyone!  I don’t mean to gross you out with my picture but it’s part of my life experience.  Well, I had to travel from the comfort of my own home in TX to the big apple yesterday thru today.  The company I work for has a home office in NYC so I had to attend a meeting.  I woke up at 4:30am to catch a 7am flight.  Went straight to the meeting.  It’s always great to see everyone again.  I work out of my home so I rarely see anyone outside of my family. 

After our meeting we went to a local bar to socialize then we went bowling for a team building experience.  I suck!  I bowled a 50 & a 66.  This was without the help of bumper pads.  After that, I just quit playing.  Anyway, I had a great time and afterwards hung out with the girls in the hotel room.  It was kind of like a slumber party.  I didn’t go to bed until 1:30am this morning and woke up at 6am.  You might guess that I’m pretty tired.  We had meetings all day but I managed to keep myself awake. 

When all was over, I had to catch a cab to the airport.  This is where the real adventure started.  I always have the hardest time catching a cab in the financial district.  Anyway, after walking a few blocks with my luggage and in heels, my heel caught in a dip that was in the sidewalk.  Needless to say, I twisted my ankle, then landed on the ground.  I scraped my left knee and my right ankle is sore. 

Keep in mind I’m in the rush hour foot traffic of NYC.  As soon as I bit the concrete, I heard this lady “Oh my God!!!  Are you ok?”  This nice lady in her 30’s insisted on helping me up and another young man came to me and asked me if I was ok.  I have been to NYC many times and never thought the people rude.  In a hurry but never rude.  They do have a reputation of being this way but outside of the nice people I already know, I can now say that they aren’t living up to their poor reputation.  Isn’t it amazing that two perfect strangers reached out to help me?  The young man even hailed a cab for me and waited until I left. 

I’m so impressed.  I believe that good things come out of everything and it’s all thanks to God.  Those two people today were my guardian angels waiting to pick me up when I fall. 

I fell asleep 3 times in the cab on the way to the airport.  Although I’m dead tired, I felt the urge to blog about my experience before I get on the plane and doze.  I hope you enjoyed my story and know that even in a bad situation, good things still happen.  Thank God!!!

I might also let you know that I’m notorious for twisting my ankle and falling.  I don’t know why and I can’t blame the heels because I do it barefoot also.   Good evening all.

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90210 Happenings!

Who watches 90210?  Well, I do.  Actually I also watched the older one.  I’d have to say times have certainly changed.  In the older 90210 it was so simple and mild.  Teenagers who had a better life than most, were a little snobby and got upset when they didn’t get their way.  The newer 90210 is racey, provocative and near impossible to believe that these are supposed to be high school seniors this year.  I’m amazed at the amount of sex and PDA’s involved in this show. 

Having said all that, I can’t stop watching it!  If you haven’t seen the last episode (not the one airing on 10/4) then you might not read the rest of this.  I was totally shocked to find out that Teddy slept with a male.  First of all, it’s difficult for me to believe he isn’t in his 30’s.  He’s totally playing the role of a man younger than he looks but he is cute.  Second of all, I can’t believe they wrote into the script him having a gay act with another man.  I don’t mean kissing only either!

I guess the other stuff that went on was good as well but the reality of Teddy was such a shocker for me.  I’m glad Silver realized early that Mr. Raper most likely did rape Naomi.  That guy is creepy.  I doubt Naomi will die from her OD. They showed that she took 4 pills.  I guess that’s enough to make her pass out like that but doesn’t seem like enough to kill someone.  I also can’t believe that she danced in her undergarments for 3 high school boys.   Possibly they are portraying acts that young girls might do if they’ve been raped?  I don’t know anyone in that situation so I’m not going to say it’s possible or it isn’t but I would think she’d seclude herself from people, not dance for them.  She can’t stay away from lying.  No wonder nobody believes anything she says.

Anyway, I just wanted to write about the show as those were the shockers for me.  I’ll keep updating on this show and others as I feel they are worthy of blogging about.  I’m so glad the new shows are on again.

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Are the fleas eradicated?

Hey everyone.  I had an eventful weekend.  About 4 months ago, we took in a stray kitten.  She was 5 weeks old at the time and loaded with fleas.  I bathed her with Dawn dish soap (works extremely well with killing fleas) on multiple occasions before I brought her in our home.  I was anxious to bring her in.  Once she was in, I did notice what looked like a very tiny flea on her but I made the mistake of keeping her in the home and NOT bathing her right away.  So… as a result, we now have fleas in our house and my poodle also has them. 

Over the past few months, we have given both the cat and dog baths and put the spot treatment on the dog but they are still around. 

Saturday, my daughter and I went through the entire house, sweeping and vacuuming (with a wet-dry power sucker) up every square inch of the floor.  We have a 4,500 square foot house.  Our first floor is concrete, our second floor is hard wood and our third floor is carpet.  The cat went to the 3rd floor at times but not very often.  I have area rugs so I washed those and all the bedding.  I washed every thing.  I laid back down the rugs.

Sunday when we went to church, we put the animals in our garage & set off the flea foggers.  We are getting serious now!  When we got home, we immediately bathed both the cat & dog, put flea collars on both of them.  I did a really good job of making sure the shampoo stayed on long enough and covered all parts of the animal.  Sadly, they are both scratching still.  I don’t see the fleas but then again, I never really did see them running around their bodies. 

I can’t put the spot treatment on them yet as it takes a couple of days after the bathing for the oils on their skin to come back.  They need this for the spot treatment to work. I’m hesitant to rush and give it to my dog as it should only be monthly and I gave it to her on 9/16.  I have to go to NYC Tuesday & Wednesday so I’ll put the treatment on Thursday.

I’m very discouraged at their scratching.  It took us all day to clean the floors and laundry.  I’m extremely sore from all the vacuuming.  Anyway, I’m doing everything I can.  I’m a christian so I will pray to God which is all I can do at this stage. 

Wish me luck!

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Hello world!

Hello everyone.  Today I’ve started my blog.  I hope to share information, events and pictures that mean something to me and I hope you will find my posts enjoyable.  Here’s a little about me.  First and foremost, I love God.  I have two children ages 19 & 14 and a husband who I have spent over half of my life with. 

My life is very simple and some might say boring.  I work from home so I really don’t get out much.  I don’t have many friends outside of the usual acquaintances at church or work.  I live in the country with a lot of trees and wildlife (i.e. armadillo’s, possums, hawks, wild boar & deer).  I enjoy feeding the birds and especially this time of year the hummingbirds.  I have a cat, two dogs and a box turtle that belongs to my daughter. 

I hope someone out there will find my boring life interesting.  Just think of me as a low-budget reality blog.  🙂

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Chloe in all her glory!

This is my cat.  Her name is Chloe and she’s 5 months old.  She likes to sleep a lot.  I just want to show her off!  Is it safe to say she likes to lay on her back?  Silly kitty!


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