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Juice Fast Days 8 thru 11!

I can’t believe I’m on day 11 already.  This is easier than I thought.  I’ll recap what I’ve done.

Thursday (day 8) I had no weight loss.

Friday (day 9) I woke up with only .4 lbs weight loss.

Saturday (day 10) I woke up with 2 lbs weight loss.  Woo hoo!  Great birthday gift!

Sunday (day 11) I woke up with no weight loss.

On the 10th day, it was my birthday I juiced all day and had a tiny slice of cake for my birthday.

Today I really messed up.  I got a hangerin for some food today.  I had my first juice today pretty late in the morning.  Really, it was about noon.  Around 2pm I wanted to eat something so I ate the following… 1/2 cup spanish rice, 1 small tortilla, 1 granola bar and a small piece of cake.  Boy oh boy did I mess up!  Anyway, I was wanting more then realized I only had that one juice for the day so I juiced half a pineapple and one beet.  It was yummy.  You know, sometimes we fall off the wagon.  That’s ok to me as long as we get back on.  I’d rather eat here and there than do too much and not get back on track. 

I like how my weight loss is progressing and I can’t wait to fit back into some old clothes.  I’ll continue to keep you posted of course.  I am amazed how I can juice without starving.  It seems second nature.  I don’t really feel extra energized, my skin isn’t “glowing”, my body hadn’t detoxified, but I know the juicing can’t be bad for me.  The side effect of losing weight is definitely the upside!

Juice on!


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