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Juice Fast Days 3 & 4

I didn’t get to update yesterday as I was pretty busy.  I suspect that will happen from time to time.  I’m in the middle of day 4 of my juice fast.

On day 3, I drank my juices but also had a “Naked Juice” with extra protein in it.  At night, I had my family over for a wonderful dinner I prepared.  I made sure I had a large salad with mixed greens, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  I added balsamic vinegar on top.  From day 2 to day 3, I lost 1 pound.

On day 4 (today) I have to prepare a juice soon. I had another “Naked Juice” this morning.  I drank about half of it then later, I added about 7g of protein from soy powder to it to increase the protein some.  It was good and surprisingly not gritty.  It’s the EAS brand. That vs. Wal-Mart brand for example proves you get what you pay for.  Anyway, I plan to only drink the prepared juices sold at the stores when I travel or when I know I don’t have time to juice anything.  My primary juice will come from what I do myself.  I just don’t want to end up starving, not have time to juice and put a Little Debbie snack in my mouth!  LOL.

An update about how I feel.  I noticed yesterday when I went up the stairs I felt extra fatigued and out of breath.  I think part of that is I’m not getting in enough calories and protein.  I do feel a lot better when the jeans I was wearing were snug but now are just right.  It’s amazing what a difference 5 pounds makes.

Time to go make something as I’m getting to the point of hunger!  Happy Easter everyone!

He has risen!

Juice on!

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