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Another Year Gone By!

Happy birthday to me!  My birthday was yesterday.  The last year was the busiest year of my life.  I travel a lot, work a lot and I haven’t had much time for myself.  I find it interesting how every year my life never seems to be the same lately.  Before I turned 40, I remember turning off my alarm clock every morning during the week and saying to myself “Groundhog Day”.  I felt like my life was so routine and boring.  I think because of that, God maybe changed things up for me a bit! 

Be careful what you wish for and what you complain about.  Be grateful for what you do every day and thank God that you’re alive!

I had a great birthday celebration.  I mowed the lawn in the morning.  It was overdue.  I know people want to know why I mowed the lawn no my birthday but I wanted it to look really nice so I could feel happy and refreshed on my birthday.  My daughter and I then got cleaned up, went shopping and browsing.  I have no work on my mind so it was very peaceful for me.

We went to pickup P90X.  She wants to do this and I might do it with her.  I’m a traveler so it might be hard but if I do it, you know I’ll blog about it!

We went home around 6:30pm and my other daughter came over with her boyfriend and my friend came over with her daughter.  We ate dinner.  I juiced (had desert) for dinner.  We played charades until almost midnight.  Lots of fun.  I’m so grateful for what I have and the family and friends in my life. 

So now on to the next year of my life.  All I have to say is… NEXT!!!

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My Weekend of Family Visitors!

 I enjoy having family visit.  It’s so much fun to take a break from the day-to-day activities that can be boring and monotonous.  I smile occasionally but when people visit, I always smile more.  I’m pondering…   People in environments such as these tend to be different from their behaviour in the real world.   I see it often that people appear happier, sociable and friendly when they are with others but when they are home with the same people they see every day, they can be boring, sad, disrespectful or sometimes appear non-existent.  Shouldn’t we treat those that love us the most the way we treat strangers or occasional guests?  I can say this because I’m guilty of it and see it of others.  So, just admit that you do it also! 

This was not the intention of my blog today but thought it was worth mentioning.  I had a great time with everyone this weekend.  My mother and her husband came over from New Mexico to visit.  She’s turning 70 this month so I gathered my siblings and their families to throw a surprise birthday party.  She was definitely surprised!

When she visits, she usually stays at my home.  We have everyone come over rather than her travel everywhere.  Afterall, she did come a long distance.  (she drove)  They got here Friday.  My sister came over that afternoon with her daughter and my other sister and they stayed the night.

We decorated the kitchen and my daughter made her a birthday cake.  We had fun. 

Saturday, my step sister came over with her boys and stayed the night.  My daughter also stayed the night.  She lives on college campus.

He had no idea there was really a Grey Poupon!  Yes that’s me next to my nephew.  Can you believe he’s that tall?  I was having a good time.

As a present, we all brought pictures from our families and compiled a scrapbook. Everyone participated.

Everyone but my parents left Sunday afternoon.

This morning, my parents left to go home.  Now, all is quiet again.

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