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My Cat & a Duck

I took two pictures recently that I wanted to show.  I’m still experiencing with my new camera.  Here is my cat Chloe.

And here is a duck I saw at a local park.

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Day 3 – Helicopter Photo

This is my day 3 photo of my 365 day journal.  I have a little remote control helicopter.  I had my daughter fly it so I could take a shot of it.  The device is new so we had a hard time keeping it in the air.  We have to learn to pilot it first I guess.  I did manage to get some shots of it and found this is probably the best one.  I also took this one below of my cat but it’s not considered my photo of the day.

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My Cats Favorite TV Show!

Chloe loves Grey’s anatomy as much as I do!


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Are the fleas eradicated?

Hey everyone.  I had an eventful weekend.  About 4 months ago, we took in a stray kitten.  She was 5 weeks old at the time and loaded with fleas.  I bathed her with Dawn dish soap (works extremely well with killing fleas) on multiple occasions before I brought her in our home.  I was anxious to bring her in.  Once she was in, I did notice what looked like a very tiny flea on her but I made the mistake of keeping her in the home and NOT bathing her right away.  So… as a result, we now have fleas in our house and my poodle also has them. 

Over the past few months, we have given both the cat and dog baths and put the spot treatment on the dog but they are still around. 

Saturday, my daughter and I went through the entire house, sweeping and vacuuming (with a wet-dry power sucker) up every square inch of the floor.  We have a 4,500 square foot house.  Our first floor is concrete, our second floor is hard wood and our third floor is carpet.  The cat went to the 3rd floor at times but not very often.  I have area rugs so I washed those and all the bedding.  I washed every thing.  I laid back down the rugs.

Sunday when we went to church, we put the animals in our garage & set off the flea foggers.  We are getting serious now!  When we got home, we immediately bathed both the cat & dog, put flea collars on both of them.  I did a really good job of making sure the shampoo stayed on long enough and covered all parts of the animal.  Sadly, they are both scratching still.  I don’t see the fleas but then again, I never really did see them running around their bodies. 

I can’t put the spot treatment on them yet as it takes a couple of days after the bathing for the oils on their skin to come back.  They need this for the spot treatment to work. I’m hesitant to rush and give it to my dog as it should only be monthly and I gave it to her on 9/16.  I have to go to NYC Tuesday & Wednesday so I’ll put the treatment on Thursday.

I’m very discouraged at their scratching.  It took us all day to clean the floors and laundry.  I’m extremely sore from all the vacuuming.  Anyway, I’m doing everything I can.  I’m a christian so I will pray to God which is all I can do at this stage. 

Wish me luck!

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Chloe in all her glory!

This is my cat.  Her name is Chloe and she’s 5 months old.  She likes to sleep a lot.  I just want to show her off!  Is it safe to say she likes to lay on her back?  Silly kitty!


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