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My Cab Ride in San Antonio, TX

Rushes Awesome Cab Ride

Rushes Awesome Cab Ride

I came here on business for a financial conference.  Outside of the great job we did, we experienced great restaurants and as much as I travel, I had the BEST cab ride experience.  When we were picked up from the airport, we get in  a cab headed for the hotel.  The driver was very nice.  He had the glow in the dark stars and moons taped to the headliner of his car.  Then he asked what kind of music we wanted to hear.  He pumped it up and moved to the music.  Then we see multi colored laser lights on the ceiling.  He pulls out a disco ball that refracts the sunlight.  Unfortunately for us, the drive was during the day so the effect wasn’t as cool as it could have been at night.  He also activated his strobe light that was bolted to the seat.  This man (named Rush) was full of energy, kindness and had a desire to satisfy his customers.  He wore lime green sunglasses and shoes and camo pants. 

He drives a yellow cab so any time you have to go to San Antonio to get a cab, ask for Rush.  If you want his phone number, send me a message and I’ll be happy to give it to you.

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