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Day 3 – Helicopter Photo

This is my day 3 photo of my 365 day journal.  I have a little remote control helicopter.  I had my daughter fly it so I could take a shot of it.  The device is new so we had a hard time keeping it in the air.  We have to learn to pilot it first I guess.  I did manage to get some shots of it and found this is probably the best one.  I also took this one below of my cat but it’s not considered my photo of the day.

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A Tribute To My Traveling Bear

I used to have a baby blue Traveling Bear.  When my daughter was in elementary school, she presented this baby blue bear as her Traveling Bear.  During their vacation break, they were instructed to take a bear with them on their travels and journal about it.  I thought that was a great idea.  After her project ended, I decided to make it a true Traveling Bear. 

I travel a lot with my work so as a result; I started packing the bear with me every time I went out-of-town.  It was very light weight and easy to compress.  Every time I would get to the hotel, I would set it on the bed and take its picture.  These were memories for my daughter. 

One trip, something devastating happened.  I slept with the Traveling Bear one of the nights and when I left the next day, I didn’t realize until I got home, that I accidentally left it wrapped in the covers of my bed in the hotel room.  I called the hotel but they claim to not know anything of it. 

I miss you Traveling Bear.  I believe the tradition should carry on and a new bear must be selected.  You will be in our hearts forever!

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