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Another Year Gone By!

Happy birthday to me!  My birthday was yesterday.  The last year was the busiest year of my life.  I travel a lot, work a lot and I haven’t had much time for myself.  I find it interesting how every year my life never seems to be the same lately.  Before I turned 40, I remember turning off my alarm clock every morning during the week and saying to myself “Groundhog Day”.  I felt like my life was so routine and boring.  I think because of that, God maybe changed things up for me a bit! 

Be careful what you wish for and what you complain about.  Be grateful for what you do every day and thank God that you’re alive!

I had a great birthday celebration.  I mowed the lawn in the morning.  It was overdue.  I know people want to know why I mowed the lawn no my birthday but I wanted it to look really nice so I could feel happy and refreshed on my birthday.  My daughter and I then got cleaned up, went shopping and browsing.  I have no work on my mind so it was very peaceful for me.

We went to pickup P90X.  She wants to do this and I might do it with her.  I’m a traveler so it might be hard but if I do it, you know I’ll blog about it!

We went home around 6:30pm and my other daughter came over with her boyfriend and my friend came over with her daughter.  We ate dinner.  I juiced (had desert) for dinner.  We played charades until almost midnight.  Lots of fun.  I’m so grateful for what I have and the family and friends in my life. 

So now on to the next year of my life.  All I have to say is… NEXT!!!

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Hello world!

Hello everyone.  Today I’ve started my blog.  I hope to share information, events and pictures that mean something to me and I hope you will find my posts enjoyable.  Here’s a little about me.  First and foremost, I love God.  I have two children ages 19 & 14 and a husband who I have spent over half of my life with. 

My life is very simple and some might say boring.  I work from home so I really don’t get out much.  I don’t have many friends outside of the usual acquaintances at church or work.  I live in the country with a lot of trees and wildlife (i.e. armadillo’s, possums, hawks, wild boar & deer).  I enjoy feeding the birds and especially this time of year the hummingbirds.  I have a cat, two dogs and a box turtle that belongs to my daughter. 

I hope someone out there will find my boring life interesting.  Just think of me as a low-budget reality blog.  🙂

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